How to Download YouTube Videos

If you’ve been wondering how to download YouTube videos, you have many options. A simple method might not be as effective as one that is more detailed. For example, you may not want to download a movie that you have seen only once. In this case, you can try a video downloader that supports multiple formats. You can also save a collection of your favorite videos and set a password to protect it.


Y2Mate is a popular video downloader that allows you to download videos from YouTube in different formats. You can also choose a resolution and file size for your downloaded video. You can also decide to download the video in audio format or turn it into an mp3 file. This tool is fast and free.

Y2Mate enables you to download videos in a wide range of formats, including mp3. You can download videos in just about any resolution and format. Another benefit of Y2Mate is that you never have to pay a single penny. It even allows you to download videos in 1080p resolution. Moreover, Y2Mate comes with an extension for the Chrome browser. This extension lets you capture download links directly from YouTube.

YT Scribe

YT Scribe is a Windows application that allows you to download YouTube videos. The program automatically transcribes audio and video files. It includes advanced grammatical features and timestamps. This application is available for download for free, but you will need to subscribe to continue using it. Unfortunately, the program does not work on Mac OS X.

Once you have downloaded the video, you can view the transcript in a separate window. This opens a new tab in the Finder or Explorer. Usually, the name of your new project will be VideoScribe, but you can change it later if necessary. Once you’re done with the transcription, you can publish the video to PowerPoint or another program.


TubeMate is an application that helps users to download videos from YouTube. This app is easy to use and allows users to download any video within seconds. It can also detect videos on websites. Additionally, it can download videos from password-protected websites. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Once downloaded, users can open the application and browse through the available videos. After selecting a video, they can choose the quality and type of file to download.

This app also lets users create MP3 files from YouTube videos. It also has options to queue a playlist and select preferences. Additionally, the app will show related videos. Once the video is downloaded, the user can play it or move it to a different location.


The GetVideo method is a popular way to download YouTube videos. It works by encapsulating the video’s information in an object called processing details. This object identifies the video’s processing progress and includes properties that identify the video’s current status and how much time is left until it’s finished. Another interesting property is the file details object, which encapsulates the video’s resolution, duration, audio, and video codecs. This object is polled to track progress and is only available to the video’s owner.

Once you’ve selected a YouTube video to download, the next step is to choose the resolution and frame rate that you want to download. It’s best to choose the highest resolution possible, but keep in mind that this will take longer to download. Also, remember to leave enough space for the video file in your storage, as high-resolution videos will fill up your device’s limited storage. In addition to that, downloading videos from YouTube uses a lot of battery power, so be aware of this when downloading videos on your phone.

Byclick Downloader

One of the most popular content platforms on the internet, YouTube, hosts a variety of videos in a variety of formats. Downloading YouTube videos can be a great way to enjoy these videos offline. Whether you’re a YouTube independent creator or simply enjoy watching videos on YouTube, it’s easy to download your favorite videos and watch them on your computer later.

ByClick Downloader is a third-party downloader for Windows and Mac that can download YouTube videos in several formats. It has a convenient one-click interface that lets you paste a URL to download the video or stream. It also offers recommendations based on your preferences and ties into your account on the video-sharing site. It also has a multi-language interface and an email support form if you ever have questions or problems.


Airy is an online downloader that enables you to save YouTube videos to your computer. Airy can download videos in various formats, including MP4, 3GP, and FLV. Moreover, it converts the files to compatible formats for different devices. You can listen to converted files, send them to your mobile device, or watch them later. It takes only a few seconds to complete a conversion.

There are different ways to download YouTube videos, including direct link download, smart mode, and smart mode. These methods can be used to download new videos automatically if you subscribe to the channel. You can also turn on Smart Mode in the settings to set the settings only once and have them automatically downloaded. Read more about how to be a YouTube star.

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